Kennesaw Partnership for Addiction Prevention (KPAP) is CCAPSA’s Kennesaw Drug-Free Community Coalition formed to address alcohol consumption and prescription drug misuse among youth eighteen years of age and younger. CCAPSA was the 2017 Drug-Free Community (DFC) Grant by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and SAMSHA.

KPAP’s Mission:  To strengthen collaboration among community stakeholders and reduce substance use among youth, eighteen years and younger.

The Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 (GSHS 2.0) is given every year to 6th-12th graders in the state of Georgia. Click to learn more. For the Kennesaw middle schools and high schools, the following issues were identified:

Problem Statement: Alcohol is a problem among Kennesaw youth.
Contributing factors:

Ease of Access
 Parents/adults do not properly secure alcohol at home
 Parents/adults provide alcohol at celebratory events with teens

Social Acceptability
 Retail vendors do not properly ID patrons
 Youth are offered alcohol in social gatherings

Problem Statement: Youth are misusing prescription (Rx) drugs.
Contributing factors:

Social Access
– Youth are accessing Rx drugs at parties
– Youth are accessing Rx drugs from peers

Students’ Low Perception of Risk
– Youth are exposed to parents sharing Rx drugs with other parents
– Rx drugs are not secured at home


KPAP’s primary goal is strengthening its coalition while focusing on alcohol and prescription drugs/Opioid prevention within the Kennesaw community. Effective substance use prevention involves everyone working together and utilizing environmental prevention strategies to achieve population level change. KPAP’s belief is that local stakeholders and citizens are the key to solving local problems.


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